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For over 50 years our family-run company specializes in the research and selection of products from the highest and most important of crib-making in Italy. Our research extends from Campania to Tuscany and Marche to Sicily. Our suppliers are small and large skilled craftsmen in the industry for generations, most notably the art of crib Excellence names.

Our customers respond to a range of high quality, always with great enthusiasm and growing, managing to involve the younger generation in centuries-long tradition.

We provide all kinds of products for every need from nativity scenes for the hardware, from the characters (clay and resin) to those with movement and not electrical accessories, building materials.

Today we want to give the opportunity for all Our customers appreciate us and sale our products all year round, 24 h 24 h on our site.

Where we are

Cartolibreria Valente
Via del Campo, 44
00172 Rome - Italy
PI: 123456789012


Sacra famiglia

I personaggi della Sacra Famiglia sono l'elemento cardine del presepe. I tre protagonisti sono posti in una grotta o in capanna o in un rudere di un tempio distrutto che simboleggia la fine del paganesimo e l’avvento del Cristianesimo.


Re Magi

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Buon pastore

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